How to Wrap a Van in Vinyl with the Dragons

Vehicle signs, van vinyl wraps and graphics are the perfect way to get your brand noticed when you’re on the move. Continue reading to find out how to turn your fleet into fully branded marketing resources.

This case study will be looking at three areas to communicate how Dragon Signs are able to do this for their customers:

  1. The challenge
  2. The method
  3. The results

1. The challenge

At Dragon Signs, we work with our customers to brand their vehicles, from individual car wraps to striking fleets of vinyl wrapped vans, to raise brand awareness and communicate their capabilities effectively. Let us take you through how we helped Ogi to broaden their presence.

Ogi were investing in their marketing to help them to secure new business, allowing them to work with new clients and broaden their industry presence. After deciding on investing in a van vinyl wrap for their fleet, Ogi knew they needed to work with a signage company was capable of wrapping dozens of vans using striking vinyl and visuals. Bring in the dragons!

2. The method

The process began with the team at Ogi explaining the vison for their van vinyl’s and wraps to our team of in-house creative design experts. Once the design team understood what Ogi were trying to achieve, they got to work creating designs that would translate onto vinyl.  The dragons took specific brand guidelines, logos and patterns and applied them to plain white vans in the form of partial digital print vinyl wraps.  

The entire Dragon Signs vehicle wrap process:

Stage 1: A primary consultation, assessing what Ogi needed

Stage 2: Our design team got to work turning their visions vinyl’s

Stage 3: Our experienced project managers planned and mapped out the entire project; acting as Ogi’s dedicated point of contact throughout the process

Stage 4: Ogi finalised artwork was passed to our specialist in-house printing team and printed on our state-of-the-art printing equipment using the finest quality tools and printers

Stage 5: Our installers got to work wrapping the fleets at a time and place that suited Ogi

Stage 6: We pride ourselves on every inch of workmanship. Following completion, Ogi‘s assigned project manager ensured they are totally happy with the job

3. The results

The results of this project have been extraordinary. Ogi are thrilled with their new fleet of bespoke branded vans that means their brand will stand out when they’re on the move. 

At Dragon Signs, we see a plain van as a wasted opportunity. Van graphics and vehicle wraps pick your brand up and put it out there in the real world where people will see it.