Zip World UK

External Signage, Wayfinding and POS

The Challenge

Zip World Tower is the fourth Zip World site to open and is the first to be situated in South Wales. Nestled in the Rhigos mountain range and boasting stunning panoramic views, the adventure hub is situated at the old Tower Colliery mining site and has created a new lease of life for this historic base. 


Zip World Tower is the perfect example of utilising Wales’ spectacular scenery to create a one-of-a-kind experience. Zip World UK needed external signage and wanted to work with a company that could capture the essence of the site, weaving the culture and historic values through the signage. The client called upon Dragon Signs to design, manufacture and install bespoke signs that would contribute to the overall memorability of the site.   

The Method

The dragons were brought in to conceptualise two external totems that would allow customers to see the site from the passing road. The client wanted these to be impactful and instantly recognisable. Zip World UK initially leant on our team for inspiration and creative direction, trusting our expertise and knowledge of the industry to craft their vision. 

Wanting to maintain the look and feel of a coal pit, we advised the client to go with a cor-ten steel, face illuminated totem that was designed to aesthetically rust as an important nod to the history of the site. Zip World UK loved this direction, and the dragons began working with their marketing and design team to create a bespoke design for their totems.  

After the design specification phase, the dragons began manufacturing this one-of-a-kind external sign – which included laser-cutting of the extremely intricate design, installing LED light sheets and coating in an anti-graffiti finish that would ensure that the rust effect would not stain the face of the sign.  

Following on from the manufacturing phase, the dragons project managed and carried out the install which included positioning the totems with a hi-ab crane onto previously installed ground cages. As well as the cor-ten steel totem, the dragons also designed, manufactured and installed the external illuminated building signage for the on-site restaurant and bistro and entrance, and internal suspended signage also In cor-ten steel.  

The Results

What stands today is incredibly detailed bespoke signage that captures both the uniqueness of the adventure hub, whilst emphasising the history of the site through intricate designs and finishes. The cor-ten steel welcoming totems are fully illuminated to ensure high impact through day and night.  

The dragons also produced strong external signage and lettering for Zip World UK’s reception area and Cegin Glo – their on-site bar & bistro. This included built up, acrylic letters and logos with unmissable internal LED illumination.   

What a project! The dragons loved working on this bespoke branding and signage project with a wonderful client who were a pleasure to collaborate with. Their skilful and highly experienced team coupled with the dragon’s expertise and ability to deliver made the process as smooth and rewarding as possible.   

Client Testimonial

“We knew we had to work with a signage team that fully understood the size and scope of the project, and the dragons definitely did. From ideation phase right through to manufacturing and installing the signage, the dragons seamlessly worked with our team to create eye catching signs that blended so well with the surroundings. The dragons also provided us with the signage for our on-site bar and bistro – another big project that was executed brilliantly. We’re really happy with the final result and the extra brand exposure the signage has given us.”

– Zip World UK