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There’s more to deciding on a signage solution than you may think. You need the right combination of organisation, materials and trusted people. We’ve put together some top tips to help you strike the right balance when considering a signage solution:

Signage purpose

This may seem like an obvious one but take a step back. What do you want your signage to do for you? If it’s to tell passers-by that yes indeed this is your business, then consider how much information should be displayed. If you’ve got a car wrap, how does your brand translate? Will the car door open leave your brand unrecognisable?


Think about getting the best from the space you have available. Signage can be used in many ways on a number of durable materials. If you are considering office’s internal signage, look around the interiors, is there large wall space that can be wrapped or mounted for added visual effect?

Illuminative signage

From LED to lit backings, there are a suite of solutions to ensuring your brand is spotted on the darkest of days, or throughout the night. Understanding what would work best for your space is where expertise come in. Consider the budget you want to spend on lit products and with that in mind consider how long they need to be used – is it a temporary solution or will it need to be used for the foreseeable future?


Will your sign be facing the elements on a building, sporting ground or on a vehicle? You’re going to need a guarantee that the material used will withstand the test of time against the elements.


How long do you intend to use your sign? Does it need to be replaceable in the not too distant future? Signage isn’t always solid, heavy, fixtures. There are solutions that allow your brand to stand out from the crowd and allow you to easily replace the fixture, as well as use clever lighting.

Trusted partner

When choosing a signage provider, consider:

  • the brands they have worked with in the past.
  • Their in house printing and manufacturing capabilities
  • The size of their operation (can they handle your order?)
  • Their customer feedback – check their website for testimonials or Google reviews.
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