The Importance of Signage in Retail

External Signage

The importance of signage in retail is unmatched, and although some may say that online and digital marketing is the future, signage in retail has consistently been a vital tool. Signage is a fantastic way to communicate with customers across several business areas – here are just a few examples of retail signs we cover here at Dragon Signs and how they can be used effectively for your business:


  1. External
  2. Internal
  3. Point of Sale
  4. Wayfinding 


1. External

“You never get a second chance at a first impression” – and this goes for businesses too! Your branding is the first aspect of your business that consumers come across, so while branding is vital, it’s also important that your external signage is top quality too.

This is one of the first instances where the importance of signage in retail comes into play as your exterior sign needs to be clear, concise, and most importantly, eye-catching – you don’t want to blend into the background of the high street for example.

Dragon Signs work with clients all over the UK to create impressive signage that offers your brand a podium, creating memorable external signage that commands attention. If a consumer is not attracted and drawn in by your sign, or your well-thought-out branding isn’t conveyed effectively, then they are unlikely to enter your premises.

The external shop front sign is the first point of contact between you and the customer, so make it count!

External Signage
Here are some examples of shop signs in South Wales that we have worked on


2. Internal

Signage in retail is important for first impressions and driving traffic, but you also need to keep a firm hold of your consumers’ attention – we can help you transform your inside space into a creatively designed environment, after all, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Through internal signs, you can convey your brand identity, message, and values – it’s important to build relationships and trust with customers, whether that’s in retail or any other industry, and communication through signage is an effective way to forge these relationships.

Your internal signs will give customers everything they need to know about your business, so it’s also important to get these signs right the first time – the correct dimensions, colours, typography – everything matters once customers are in the store.


3. Point of Sale

Another important sign in retail is, of course, the point of sale (POS) sign. Arguably, one of the most important signs in a store is the price tag, and if that price tag has a sale sign accompanying it, even better!

Everyone loves a good sale, so the POS sign is the perfect way to drive more instore interest and in turn, increase the sales of your products. POS signs also encourage other initiatives such as signing up for newsletters or following social media channels to hear more about your offers. We all know that communication is key, and this makes the importance of signage in retail even more prevalent as signs can communicate your message clearly to your consumers and customers for optimal results, such as increased sales.


4. Wayfinding

 The importance of signage in retail does not just fall to first impressions and brand values, it also relies on the consumer being able to find your store in the first place. Wayfinding signage plays a vital part in creating a cohesive corporate identity as well as being a great opportunity to include brand identity. Wayfinding signage is essential to achieve effective retail merchandising that can directly boost sales and drive footfall by expanding your consumer reach.

We produce wayfinding signage that is clear, concise, and extremely effective in directing customers to the desired destination effortlessly.

Wayfinding & POS


Most Importantly, Signage Is Cost-Effective

These are the benefits of each sign in retail, however, the most prominent advantage to signage in retail, or any industry for that matter, is how cost-effective signage can be for your business.

Our signage establishes you and your business on the high street, they bring brand awareness, drive traffic, increase sales, and promote your products, all in a few concise, clear, and top-quality signs. The importance of signage in retail is also highlighted through its versatility, from the external, internal, POS, and wayfinding signs, to digital signage, billboards, and even health and safety signs. All these signs set up your brand in the mind of consumers to make a lasting, positive impression.


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