Infection Control Products and Signs

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we began the manufacturing of business ready Covid-19 products that help to limit the transmission of coronavirus.

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Desk Dividers

Desk dividers

Desk screen office dividers are designed to reduce the risk of spreading harmful substances, liquid droplets and particles for the office environment.

Polycarbonate, shatter-proof desk dividers, provides a clear barrier between 2 or more workstations, offering reassurance to you and your team as we begin to step back into working environments. The desk screens (also known as counter screens) are available in multiple sizes to suit your desks and come with two suitable camps to fix the screens to your desks. Desk divides are available for UK wide delivery.

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Sneeze screens

Acting as a face shield glass, these clear free standing sneeze screens are perfect for counters and desks, where face to face communication is necessary.

Our polycarbonate sneeze screens are intended to sit on top of reception areas, desks and flat surfaces within working environments to act as sneezing guards. The acrylic sneeze guards come in multiple sizes and act as a barrier in order to contribute to slowing the spread of Covid-19. Our screens are safe and durable & extremely easy to install – a small action with a big impact.

Sneeze screens are also available for UK wide delivery and can come with a document cut out.

Sneeze Screens
Face Visors

Face Visors

This lightweight, adjustable and comfortable face shield is constructed from 0.5mm clear PETG, giving an optically clear vision. The soft foam band and adjustable Velcro hook and loop system provides a one size fits all product. 

We have supported many local & national businesses and organisations such as NHS, City Hospice, G4S Security Group, Spire Healthcare & Evans Pharmacy.

Volume discounts are available from 100+ quantity orders. Please call us or send us an email using our contact form to get in touch if you would like to discuss bulk orders.

Social distancing signs and stickers

We offer social distancing banners, signs and stickers and other infection control products to inform your customers clearly and easily about your social distancing practice. Our banners are portable and quick to deploy so they can be set up and packed away in seconds – making it a very flexible solution.

Our social distancing floor marking stickers have proven to be an effective method of ensuring staff and customers are keeping a safe distance and maintaining a one-way system. Our floor graphics are printed onto high tack, self-adhesive vinyl, designed to adhere to a variety of surface textures. The design, shape and size of our floor vinyl can be customised to suit your companies branding and message – please do get in touch for bespoke requests and we will be happy to assist.

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