Digital Signage are a powerful tool across retail and many digital signage solutions can be multi-functional throughout stores.

From branding to infotainment (informing and entertaining), merchandising to promotions, digital signage are widely used in retail to reach sales and marketing goals.
Focusing on the customer journey to provide the best digital experience, Dragon Digital can offer a digital signage solution from start to finish.


Digital LED Brand Banners

If you’re based within a shopping centre or retail park, an LED banner or LED sign can provide your store with increased visibility from afar, helping your brand to stand out from the competition and draw traffic in from a greater distance than a traditional static shop front signage.

A digital LED brand banner or LED sign provides you with the opportunity to not only achieve visibility at a greater distance, but also attract and engage those viewers with powerful moving content, or perhaps a logo and branding that changes over the seasons, capturing your audience not once, but every time you’re seen.

With our expertise in out of home advertising , our LED offering comes with 2 or 3 years warranty as standard and full remote and on-site hardware support, should you ever need us after our first class installation.Contact us for more information.

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Window Display

Digital Window Displays

Stand out against competitors with a high-bright ultra-slim digital window display screen in your shop front and help increase your footfall whilst never struggling to manually change your out-of-date posters again (we’ve all been there!)

Our indoor high-bright digital window displays feature a local dimming direct LED backlight for incredible, high contrast picture quality and low power consumption for the most attractive, engaging, and cost-effective display. Contact us today for more information.

Digital Signage

The options are vast in Retail for digital signage and we have something for every size store, budget and goal. Our range of digital signage offer unique opportunities to promote products or entice customers with product & brand information, all at high quality commercial grade & 24/7 operation;

Wall-Mounted Ultra-Slim Digital Posters, perfect for replacing traditional printed advertisements. Available individually in portrait or landscape, as stand out from the crowd video walls or ‘wide stretch’ screens which offer the ability to effectively communicate information in small, narrow spaces such as store shelves, ceilings, and corridors.

Freestanding Digital Advertising Displays, perfect for placing in entrance ways, or larger high traffic areas to instantly grab attention or assist with wayfinding. With the option to bolt permanently into the ground or move around as a portable option for a flexible digital approach. Available in a range of sizes and personalised framing.

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Countertop Advertising Posters available in 10” and over, these screens are mini but mighty on impact and perfect for placement on shelving and checkout areas (to name a few!). Also available in touch screen – great for providing more product information or customer experience and feedback surveys.

Digital Shelf Edge Strips and Digital Labels are available in sizing from 1.5” to 10.2” are a fantastic new e-paper technology, improving ease and efficiency of your pricing management whilst reducing your paper usage and therefore improving your sustainability – perfect for enhancing your customer shopping experience.


Self-Service Touchscreen Kiosks

Touchscreen kiosks have numerous uses and benefits to you and your customers. Adding interactive displays can help increase the time spent in your store, whilst you receive crucial customer insights with our optional analytics package (fulfilling every Marketer’s dream!) providing data such as the most popular products interacted with, real customer demographics and even customer mood!

  • Reduce wait times with self-service kiosks with a safe and secure payment system
  • Save floor space by utilising digital screens to easily display your larger items
  • Capture valuable customer feedback with interactive surveys
  • Increase sales with your website - Products out of stock in store? Fulfil your customers’ needs whilst they’re in your store by using a touchscreen digital signage linking directly to your website
  • A versatile solution, our self-service touchscreens are available on countertop, floor standing or wall-mounted with hidden cabling and optional bespoke branding providing, perfect for any business environment.
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